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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FVIR Water Heaters

Most residential gas water heaters sold on the market after 2003 are of the Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant Design. These water heaters are known as C3 Technology design heaters.The C3 design heaters have a sealed combustion chamber and a flame arrestor in the bottom of the heater. The flame arrestor is known as the FVIR this is how the air gots in to the combustion chamber of the heater. The FVIR can got stoped up with lint and dust. When the FVIR gots stoped up in will cause the water heater to shot down. You can clean the FVIR with a houes hole brush and a vacuum. If after you clean the FVIR and use the steps on the side heater to relite the polt. If it dose not work do not put a hole in the FVIR. The FVIR can not be replaced and the heater will have to be replaced. So if it it dose not start up after you clean the FVIR call a qualified service agent to inspect the heater and repair it for you. If you do not know a qualifield service agent are plumber there should be a 800 number on the heater call it and ask them for a service agent near you. In the long run that will save you some money.  

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